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Considering siting a textile bank on your property?

This page covers the benefits to you as a site owner and also our service level to you.

If you know about us and wish to place textile bank at your site and or at agreed place and or have a question than, please feel free to contact us. We currently have several textile bank for clothing and shoes in several places across England. We are constantly looking for more sites.

We work with Local authorities, super markets, pubs, local shops, post offices, schools, community centres, petrol stations, mosques, temples and churches provide designate areas for "Textile banks".

We pay on the basis of goods collected. All textile banks supplied and placed are completely free.

We use metal textile banks which are waterproof, anti-theft hatches secure and properly labelled banks with our contact details. We ensure the sites are kept clean and tidy by removing any rubbish dumped around and are emptied regularly on agreed date in between 8:00 and 7:00pm If you have a non residential property and would be interested in hosting a textile recycling bank, please Click here to contact us.

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