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Introduction to School Fundraising

75% of our clothing ends up in landfill sites, only 25% is recycled. Discarded clothing currently makes up 12% of UK landfill sites. Each year there is 650,000 tonnes of textile waste, our planet simply cannot sustain this level of waste.

Here at Fortune you have a unique opportunity to raise funds. This scheme is design to raise funds for schools, charitable organisation and councils by way of collecting used second hand clothing and shoes.

Items we accept are:

  • mens clothing includes trousers, shirts, socks, underwear, jackets etc.
  • ladies clothing includes trousers, dresses, skirts, underwears, scarve etc.
  • childrens clothing includes, baby clothing, shirts, trousers, rummage etc.
  • household rummage includes, nets, curtains, light bed sheets, pillow cases etc.
Items we do not accept are heavy wollen coats, quilts, pillows and long coats. We have our own fleet of vehicles along with required waste carrier license, waste management license, public liability insurance and trained driver's to perform the collection of used clothing.

We are currently running fundraising schemes with the following: schools, colleges, nurseries & playgroups, cadet groups (sea, air, etc.), shops of charitable organisations, textile banks (containers), hospices.

Once, the used clothing is collected, it is sorted and graded into roughly 150 categories and if not recycled. Once graded and sorted:

  • 20% goes to Eastern Europe
  • 60% goes to African countries
  • 20% goes to Asian countries
It is re-used again by needy people and or people who cannot afford to buy stuff from high street and or supermarkets. 15% is recycled back to make car seat, sofa, mattress and woollen balls. 1% of which are poly bags are recycled to make plastic granules. 1% of which is books and boxes are recycled and send for pulping. 1% of the goods we get can end up in total waste.

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