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Invitation letters policy

Policy Reasons:

If you intend to visit us
  • To Check Quality
  • To check Grading
  • To finalise business
  • For any discusions or issues related to business

Documents Required

We shall require following documents:
  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of your last 3 months bank statement
  • Company registration document
  • 2 Proof of Identity clear showing your residence address
  • Your travel Schedule in detail
  • Other places and company you are planning to visit along with the hotel booking
  • Copy of Travel insurance
  • 500 Pounds administration fees. (This include, courier charges) It should be directly wired to our bank account
The documents are required by "Home Office" as a normal procedure to issue entry clearance visas. Once you supply us with the following documents, please note, will be shall submitted the same documents provided by you to home office. Without these documents, we regret to inform you we shall not be able to issue you with invitation or sponsor letter.

All documents should be notarized and certified as original by notary.

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