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Health & Safety Policy


Fortune, provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work for all employees, and will endeavour to provide such information, training and supervision as is considered necessary for this purpose.


All employees are responsible for co-operating to help achieve a healthy and safe workplace and to take reasonable care for their own health and safety and that of others who maybe affected by their actions. They should inform management of any situation that might present a serious and/or imminent danger. All employees should use correctly all machinery and equipment provided in accordance with the instruction and training given at that time. You should report all defects and make NO attempt to repair yourself. No employees may use equipment they are not formally qualified to use.


Ms Karolina Stragowska inside the Warehouse and Mr Piotr Reginia in the office, is in charge of the First Aid Box and the Accident Book is located in the ante room of the main office adjacent to the warehouse. In event of emergency, please feel free to contact any one us (Mr Tosh Vyas, Mr S. Harve, Mr Piotr Reginia) or our family to report any crises or serious problem. If a more serious injury is suspected, beware of the risks of moving or attempting to move any person. IF IN DOUBT, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MOVE A PERSON WITH SUSPECTED NECK, BACK OR HEAD INJURIES. CONTACT THE EMERGENCY SERVICES IMMEDIATELY. All employees are advised to have all the emergency phone numbers saved onto their mobile telephones, particularly if an accident occurs whilst on the road. If no mobile service is available all employees are free to use office landline telephone located in the office.


All Drivers and their Mates should perform a thorough check of all the equipment and supplies for the day, including the Lorries, the weighing scales, sack trucks, bags, boxes, receipt books, Tachograph discs, calculator, pen, first aid kit, Dustpan & Brush and 2 pairs of durable gloves for emptying and maintaining the banks. All Drivers and Mates should take appropriate care when lifting and loading bags and boxes from suppliers and onto their Lorries. Particular care must be taken when handling the boxes of Bric-a-Brac which may include breakable items including glass and china, and sharp items including knives.


All Drivers or their Mates must ensure that they have the appropriate keys for their rounds. When arriving at a bank the Driver and Mate must make an initial check of the state of the bank, particularly making a check of the working mechanism of the bank. Both Driver and Mate must wear gloves during the process of emptying the banks. Care should be taken when opening the bank that no bags fall on either the Driver or Mate and also that the door to the bank be secured open in such a way that it cannot close on any person or part of a person emptying the bank. Drivers should also take care when leaning into a bank and withdrawing from a bank that they do not catch any part of themselves on any part of the bank which is made of metal and can be sharp. They should have a fresh supply of bags and when bagging up the contents of the banks, both the Driver and Mate should take great care when handling anything suspicious, un-recognizable or potentially hazardous. Before leaving the bank, the Driver and Mate must ensure that the area is clean and clear of any debris.

FIRE SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED IN SIDE THE WAREHOUSE OR IN THE LORRIES, DURING THE PROCESS OF LOADING OR UNLOADING OR ANYWHERE NEAR THE CLOTHING OR OTHER STOCK. All employees are responsible for ensuring that neither they nor anyone visiting the premises smoke anywhere inside the warehouse or near any of the clothing or other products. All employees are also responsible for ensuring that fire escapes and emergency exits are kept clear all the time. Regular fire practices will take place and you are obliged to co-operate with these. Each and every exit clearly states the sign's of EXIT which will lead you to fire assembly point situated in front side entrance of the warehouse. The fire extinguishers are located at 12 different locations throughout the warehouse and office clearly marked as to their specific usage. In the event of discovery there will be an alarm sounded to alert all the present staff in the warehouse and office who will all be then expected to leave the premises forthwith and proceed to the ASSEMBLY POINT is situated outside the warehouse clearly signposted with the exit points and the Assembly Point.


No person should operate any machinery that they are not fully licensed and adequately trained to operate, including any of the Lorries, Vans or Forklifts. No lorries may moved whilst in the process of being loaded or unloaded. Before any Driver moves any vehicle they must check that everyone is aware that the vehicle is about to be moved and that there is no one inside the body of the vehicle. This also relates to a trailer that may be coupled to the tractor unit; no one may be inside a trailer while it is being coupled or uncoupled to the tractor unit. Every Driver is responsible for notifying the mechanic in charge if there are any issues with any vehicles. Each Driver is required to complete a regular vehicle default report, which should remain with the vehicle for the next Driver and the Mechanic to view. Every Driver is responsible for checking any new reports before driving in the Lorry. The Driver of the Tractor unit that is connected to the Trailer unit is responsible for completing a full check of both units before every journey. In particular, they should ensure that the two are properly coupled. You should give consideration to the safe use of mobile phones in the workplace. They should only be used in the event of a work related query, during a break, or in an emergency. If there are any damages to or repairs needed for any equipment, please inform the management, so that repairs can be arranged.


All Employees are responsible for wearing the correct clothing whilst at work bearing in mind the changing conditions from inside a lorry or supplier's premises, to outside loading and unloading. Gloves must be worn when emptying a bank, or area of longer term storage at either warehouse, and can be worn at other times if preferred. Support for lifting for various parts of the body should be worn if required. Each employee is responsible for ensuring that they wear support belts or other special or protective clothing needed. All employees are required to take care of any supplies and equipment used, and the stock that is stored at the warehouse, ensuring where possible it is not dropped, dirtied or broken.

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