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Enviornment policy (Reducing Carbon Footprint)


What we understand, today in our educated, understanding and intelligent world, more than 50% of our clothing ends up in landfill site across Britain.

ONLY 25% is being recycled

Each and every year there is more than 650000 tones of textiles waste, Enough to fill Wembley Stadium! Our planet Simply cannot sustain this level of waste, especially when there is 100% possibilities to recycle and which can be reused. Here at Fortune, we are committed to accept this challenge and change the situation.

  • We ensure all environmental regulations and requirements are fully met along with continuous effort to improve on it day by day
  • We minimise, reuse and recycle our own waste which is generated in our offices and warehouses
  • We try and reduce energy consumption where it is possible
  • We try and prevent pollution throughout its daily activities by using latest technology
  • We try and educate issues related to carbon footprint all our employees, suppliers, contractors, vendors and members of the public
  • We set yearly target on environment performance which we try to improve on it every year

How We Do It

  • We recycle all your used and unwanted clothing, crockery's, toys, hand bags, belts, and artificial jewelleries
  • All good quality, used and unwanted tropical clothing goes to African countries
  • All heavy and winter clothing goes to cold countries, all sweaters recyclers in Asia and it is recycled yarn is produced
  • All other woolen heavy goes to recyclers and it is also recycle, it is used in manufacturing car seats, sofas, mattress
  • All the cardboards as well as plastics are recycled

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