What we do

"Rethink, Re-use, Recycle!"

Fortune was established in 1996, it was re-incorporated as Fortune in the year 2000.

We are mainly involved in:

Used Second Hand Clothing
Used Shoes
Used Books, CDs,DVDs

We obtain a substantial quantity of our collections by working very closely with several Britain's Charities, Hospices, Schools, local authorities, waste reclamation companies.

We cater to a diverse clientele spread throughout the globe.

Our sales generally comprise:

45 kilo packing to East Africa
55 kilo packing to West Africa
400 kilo packing to Asian countries
30 kilo packing to cream quality for Europe countries
600 kilo packing on pallets books for Asian and African market.

We also pack our used clothing, shoes, books as per customer's special requirement

In total we handle around 300,000 kilos of used clothing and shoes every week which makes us one of the major recyclers. In designing and developing our project, major consideration has been given to reduce the carbon foot print, to reduce load on environment and to reduce land fill.

We are members of the Textile Recycling Association (TRA) and RECYCLATEX. We are also represented on the Executive Committee in Textile Recycling Association. We wholeheartedly subscribe to the TRA's Code of Practice. Recently we have seen a huge increase in raw materials cost as well as overheads have put a lot of rag companies in crises. Even in this crises, we as quality cautious company have never compromised on quality and have found alternate ways to maintain same quality at reasonable prices.

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